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Introducing Project Wild Rhino

Development and build of a highly mobile, rugged and modular designed, multi-purpose transport platform.

"As the world changes fast and all development is focused on the urban, eco-friendly town car the places where a car really is needed as the only feasible mode of transport is forgotten!"

  • What to expect

  •      - Eco friendly through improved Diesel technology
         - Highest possible durability surpassing military requirements
         - High safety standard matching FIA Rallye Standards
         - Designed for operation in remote and inaccessible terrain
         - Modular platform (easy field conversion)
         - Long Operating Range
         - Designed for long operation cycles

       Together with our friends, partners and sponsors we will build this car in 3 stages

         - Stage 1: interior modification and installation of FIA Roll Cage
         - Stage 1: fitting of new axles & suspension
         - Stage 1: installation of new "Expedition" dash-board with twin GPS and Tripmasters
         - Stage 1: Testing in the Superkarpata Trophy 2009

         - Stage 2: Installation of satellite communication equipment
         - Stage 2: Installation of long-range FIA fuel cell
         - Stage 2: Solar system, additional generator and pre-heater
         - Stage 2: Testing on Silk Road Expediton (London-Teheran-Ulaanbataar-Magadan)

         - Stage 3: Stripping, final modifications and alterations for Dakar 2010
         - Stage 3: Start in Dakar Rallye 2010

         This truck is also available for hire as Assistance or Press Support
         (on-board WiFi and upload capabiliets / 2 rear seats optional)

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