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How the Adventure began

This adventure began in early the 1980s in Liberia, West Afrika, when the Paris-Dakar rallye was started. Fascinated by the dessert and the thrill of this great event I started dreaming of competing in this event one day, too.
This day will be early January 2010 when we will be part of the Dakar Rallye and I'll drive the car that I have designed and build myself, with the help of my friends, up onto the start ramp.

But until this day there's still a lot of work ahead of us and many things have to b sorted, build and tested.
We will be competing in a variety of races this year, with our own cars and as service for others or, as I will do, as a co-driver for Team Americanos on the world's currently fastest Mercedes Rallye G.

Together with Bene Croy I will also tackle the Silk Road and dive the new Defender 130CC Evo1 from London to Tokyo, whilst visiting Beirut, Teheran and Kabul along the journey. Upon our return we will visit Magadan (Russia) and drive back to London at full speed. This journey will be documented and published as a book in mid 2010.
It will also be the last test for our car's concept prior to the Dakar 2010.

Transasia Route Map - WRR 2009

Until then, enjoy the ongoing Dakar 2009 and maybe until soon, as we are constantly expanding this website's content and services.

The Dakar

On the official Dakar website you can follow the current Dakar 2009 thanks to the IRI-Track System. To get to the IRI-Track site please click here.

IRI-Track Start Page

After the above page has opened you can either look at the current top 3 standings in each category, or search for specific participant. To do this you first have to chose the category (Moto, Car, Truck or Quad) by clicking "Follow the stage". Now you can choose a specific competitor by clicking "Select a participant'" and entering her/his name and/or startnumber. You may add as many participants as you like and after clicking "Validate" the different stage times are shown.

The History

Since its creation in 1978, the popularity of the Dakar Rallye has grown stronger to the point today when it is the largest motor sporting event in the world, with over 150 million European viewers alone. But this unique event has always remained loyal to its founding values: a unique sporting competition, experienced by all, amateurs and professionals alike, as an extraordinary human adventure. The 2009 route follows some of the world's most testing yet breath-taking terrain from Argentina and Chile, where they come face to face with the driest desert, some of the tallest dunes on the planet and cross the Andes Mountains (twice), before returning to Buenos Aires, on day 15, for the finish.

On the morning of January 3rd 2009, 530 teams will take off from Buenos Aires: 230 motorbikes, 30 quads, 188 cars and 82 trucks, representing 49 nationalities, with less than 40 per cent on average making it to the finish each year, no-one's fate is guaranteed.

Excitingly, navigation has regained its status on the 2009 Dakar and can mean the difference between success and failure, triumph and disaster. This year competitors only have three sources of information: the hidden waypoints, the road-book and the direction followed, pushing racers to the limits of their endurance and survival capabilities. GPS is not allowed.



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